Creating A Better Future For Westwood


The WWNC (Westwood Neighborhood Council) is a certified advisory board to the City of Los Angeles City Council.  We were certified by the city of Los Angeles on January 19, 2010, to represent the community of Westwood, in Los Angeles, California. Our first elections were held on June 26, 2010, and we were officially seated on September 2, 2010. Our second election was held on October 28, 2012. We had our first meeting with our newly elected board on November 14, 2012, where we were sworn in by Councilman Paul Koretz.

The WWNC is an elected council within the LA Neighborhood Council system. Our role is to make a difference in Westwood through outreach, grants to non-profits, and representation of our stakeholders to the Los Angeles City Council. We strive to represent the views of our stakeholders who live, work, or own property within our neighborhood boundaries. Let us know about the issues that are important to you on our get involved or contact us pages.


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The President’s Message

Dr. Jerry Brown

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, and attended Medical School there after graduating from Harvard. In 1963 my wife and I moved to Los Angeles to complete my medical training at UCLA/VA, and we have lived here since then, except for the 2 years of my military service, one of them in Vietnam. Professionally, I was a specialist in lung diseases, and spent much of my career taking care of critically ill patients in Intensive Care units.

We have lived in Westwood since 1971, raised our 3 children here, and have been very actively involved in Westwood community issues for many years .I hope to bring the experience, knowledge and expertise which I have acquired to the Westwood Neighborhood Council, so as to help make it an effective and powerful organization in its role of preserving and improving Westwood as a highly desirable and important residential, business, educational, cultural, and entertainment center.